About Me.

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Brandyn Burbank

Who are you?

I’m an engineer, a maker of things, a creator of magic, a sometimes artist, and all the time dreamer.

What do you do?

Eat, sleep, and watch YouTube mostly. Oh, and I’m also a computer engineer, specializing in embedded systems, low-level coding, and automation, who occasionally dabbles in real-time graphics, rendering, and VR. And, I really dig theme parks.

Where have you worked?

That’s what LinkedIn is for!

How long have you been doing ____?

Depends on what ‘____’ is. Music and theater were a huge part of my childhood, and sketching has always been an on-and-off hobby, though I was never very great at it. As soon as I was able to use a mouse my grandmother made sure I was in front of a computer, drawing pictures and learning programs. (Windows 3.1 squad, where you at?). A little later on I got my hands on 3ds Max and Macromedia Flash (rip) and jumped into the world of digital media. I first learned to program when I was ten (BASIC, for those of you asking), and went on to fall in love with code. Along the way I stumbled into web development, a useful skill which would later help me pay my way through college. I was privileged in my junior year of high school to be accepted into a vocational training school and started learning about electronics engineering, which fascinated me. It was then I decided I wanted to become an engineer and, after graduation, I enrolled in college as Computer Engineering major. I began to shy away from the arts while studying engineering, because I somehow got the idea that good engineers couldn’t be artistic. I have since been proven wrong.

What have you done?!

I’M SORRY, it was an accident, I wa–
Oh, my past works? Well, you’re on my portfolio website aren’t you…go find out.

What’s yd.Burbank?

I’ve gone through a gazillion iterations of this online portfolio each with a different design and personal brand. And, I always hated the way my initials looked in any logo or monogram I designed. Back when Instagram was just starting (yes, I’m that old) I figured I should come up with something hip and trendy as my @username. Since everyone I knew at the time would introduce me “this is ‘Brandon’; but spelled with a ‘y’,” I thought maybe I should own it. Lowercase ‘y’ looked kind’a cool next to my middle initial ‘d’ (more ascenders and descenders are always trendy, right?), and from that came yd.Burbank. And it’s stuck.

You still want to know more about me?! (Aren’t you nosy) Well, here’s a old bio done on me at a web development firm.

Brandyn has been developing for the web for over ten years. He has helped build online solutions for a wide range of clients from small local businesses to large educational institutions. He spent several years working as a Master Developer at Brigham Young University – Idaho. From there he moved to Pathway: In Partnership with BYU-Idaho (now BYU–Pathway Worldwide) where he led development on Pathway’s first public website.

Brandyn’s skills and love for the web have earned him several accolades including first place at the SkillsUSA technical competition in Washington State, after which he was invited to compete at the National Skills and Leadership Conference in Kansas City, MO where he and his team placed in the top 15 of nationwide competitors in Web Design.

Brandyn grew up on an island off the west coast of Canada, and loves both the beach and the mountains. He speaks several languages including English, French, and Khmer.

Why is almost everything on this page in italics?

To see if you’d notice. 🙂

That’s all folks!

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