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Animas Forks:
Legends of Teguayo

Semifinalists | Disney Imaginations Competition 2018

Utah Valley University & Brigham Young University
Created by: Justin Beard, Brandyn Burbank, Chris Gustafson, Alexa Poulton

Table of Contents

Project Introduction

At the beginning of summer 2017, artist, animation student, and good friend of mine Alexa was contacted by Chris, a friend of hers from when she worked as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World, about maybe getting together and participating in a competition for Walt Disney Imagineering. She agreed, but not before dropping my name, and insisting Chris reach out and see if I wanted to participate as well. I was ecstatic to join, and along with Justin, whom Chris has met previously, we had assembled our team of four.

Starting after the release of the competition prompt, shortly after the beginning of the fall semester, we set out on what would become three of the hardest and most fun months of my life. Beginning with the idea of a themed ski resort, Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo grew into a rich multipart adventure in the Rocky Mountains surrounding the idea of reconnecting with one’s self, others, and nature with the theme of “coming to life.”

Our final submission included an iOS App, a 3D printed interactive augmented reality figure we nicknamed a “GuARdian,” a digital 3D model of our resort, a sizzle-reel video for the project, countless beautiful art pieces by Alexa, and a great story!

Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo was, in a lot of ways, some of the most rewarding work I've helped create to date, and I learned a ton about the hard work and magic that goes into all the creations at Disneyland, and themed entertainment projects all around the world. Shout out to Alexa, Chris, and Justin for all the hard work they put into the inception and development of this project which got us to the top 40 semifinals of the competition. And, thank you for taking the time to look through what we created.

We hope you enjoy Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo!

–Brandyn Burbank

The Project: Our Submission

Project Overview

Stories bring people together. For thousands of years people told stories around campfires, then came art, the written word, television and now mobile devices.

With more ways to connect than ever, it is easy to get caught up in how many connections we have, rather than how deep they are.

Humanity craves meaningful connection. Attachment brings meaning to our lives. People still need quality time, quality experiences, and quality connections. Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo provides a place in which those needs are met.

The word Animas means “bring to life.” The goal of Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo is to bring new life into the connections guests have with their family and friends. The resort will literally come to life as guests embark on an adventure to return magical artifacts to their rightful place. As families and friends engage in the Legends of Teguayo, magical experiences and adventures will serve as their proverbial campfire, bringing them together to share stories and develop deeper connections.

Featured Video

video edited by Justin Beard

Story Behind the Design

Thousands of years ago, a tribe of explorers discovered a miraculous power. The city of Teguayo was built around this mystical force, which was magnified as the Teguayans brought back knowledge and treasures from around the globe.

For reasons unknown, the city was eventually deserted and as nature took its course Teguayo was hidden. However, legends of a lost city renowned for its prosperity persisted throughout the ages. The only evidence of this once-great people were the artifacts left behind during their travels.

Animas Forks, Colorado was founded in 1873 as a silver mining town. After more than forty years, the mines went dry and the residents left.

In 1920, while searching for more silver in the abandoned mines, a man named Donovan Diggs discovered the buried remnants of Teguayo. Diggs capitalized on his find and built the Animas Resort to exhibit the ancient ruins. As he collected Teguayan artifacts and brought them backs to Animas Forks, the power of Teguayo returned and reawakened the ancient Guardians of the city. Today, guests are encouraged to return lost artifacts they find near their homes, helping to restore the mysterious power of old.

Guest Experience

Before their stay, guests will receive a small package containing their train tickets, itinerary, and instructions on how to obtain the Animas App on their smartphones. Animas Forks will spring to life in guests’ living rooms as they begin collecting augmented reality artifacts (ARtifacts) and familiarizing themselves with the stories of the town using the app.

To begin guests’ stay, they will first arrive in Silverton, Colorado, where they will board the Colorado Mountain Railroad. From that point on they will be immersed in the rich story and surroundings of the resort. Whether they are excited by skiing, entertainment, or adventure, Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo will have much to offer.

Upon their arrival, guests can continue to collect ARtifacts which they will use to interact with mystical Guardians throughout the resort. Guardians will serve as gathering places, where old friends can come closer together and new friends can form relationships.

At the conclusion of guests’ experience, they will receive a personalized travel log that will contain pictures and memories of the adventures they had during their stay. Our goal is for guests to continue to nurture and develop the relationships they formed, and be inspired to make more.

Project Artwork

Resort Modeling and Rendering by Chris Gustafson & Alexa Poulton
Hotel Lobby and Teguayo Ruins by Alexa Poulton
Resort "National Parks" Style Promotional Poster by Alexa Poulton
Donovan Diggs Character by Alexa Poulton
Interaction with a Guardian by Alexa Poulton
Planetarium Concept by Alexa Poulton
Ski Animas Forks by Brandyn Burbank
Inner Train Sketch by Brandyn Burbank
App Screenshot (Retrieve ARtifact) by Brandyn Burbank
App Screenshot (Nearby GuARdian) by Brandyn Burbank
App Screenshot (Seek GuARdian) by Brandyn Burbank
App Screenshot (Meet GuARdian) by Brandyn Burbank
GuARdian - Modeled by Alexa Poulton & Chris Gustafson. Printed by Chris Gustafson. Electronics by Brandyn Burbank.
Hotel Render by Chris Gustafson

Team Submission Slides

The project was conceived by the BYU/UVU Team and created for the 2018 Walt Disney Imagineering’s Imaginations Design Competition. This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are exclusive to Walt Disney Imagineering. The competition is a way for students and recent graduates to showcase their talents and for Walt Disney Imagineering to identify new talent.
Animas Forks: Legends of Teguayo
"Come to Life"